Rapid tests - Urine analysis

The use of test strips, like those used in human medicine, for the qualitative or semi-quantitative examination of animal urine — which can be evaluated differently depending on the animal in question — has also proven its worth in veterinary medicine. Of course, the composition of urine varies greatly between different species and so is assessed on the basis of reference values. It can provide valuable information regarding diseases of the urinary tract, as well as other organs and systems.

The Reactif urine analysis strips offer you quick and reliable results necessary for a targeted diagnosis. They offer not only high quality, but are also a cost-effective alternative. The reagent strips for urine analysis are firm plastic strips onto which several separate reagent areas are affixed. The tests serve to qualitatively and semi-quantitatively detect one or more analytes in urine. Interpretations can be made by comparing the respective analytes against the fields on the colour scale on the side of the tube containing the strips.

Using the Reactif urinalysis test strips, up to 14 different analytes can be qualitatively and semi-quantitatively detected in urine:
Ascorbic acid, Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Creatinine, Specific gravity, Blood, pH-level, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, Leukocytes, Microalbumin and Calcium.

In addition to visual interpretation, it is also possible to evaluate the test strips with a reflection photometer (laboratory diagnostics).


Reactif Urine Analysis Strips

More combinations available

 ProductParameterAutomated analysisProduct codeTests per tube
Reactif 10SL Urine test stripsBi, Bl, G, K, L, N, pH, P, S, Uyes41101-L100
Reactif 11M Urine test stripsA, Bi, Bl, G, K, L, N, pH, P, S, Uyesyes41110-L100
 A, Bi, Bl, G, K, L, N, pH, P, S, Uyes41110-S25
Reactif 13 Urine test stripsA, Bi, Bl, C, G, K, L, Ma, N, pH, P, S, Uyes41130-S25
Reactif 14 Urine test stripsA, Bi, Bl, Ca, C, G, K, L, Ma, N, pH, P, S, Uyes41140-M50
Reactif Level 1&2 control kit (positive & negative controls)-, Bi, Bl, C, G, K, L, Ma, N, pH, P, S, Uyes41008Kit

A = Ascorbic acid, Bi = Bilirubin, Bl = Blood, Ca = Calcium, C = Creatinin, G = Glucose, K = Ketone, L = Leukocytes,
Ma = Microalbumin, N = Nitrite, pH = ph-level, P = Protein, S = Specific gravity, U = Urobilinogen